American Crane Inc. 265 Ton Crane

With over forty years of experience and crane hoisting capacity of 40 – 265 tons, we have what it takes to get the job done.  American Crane Inc. employs a highly trained maintenance crew, which insures that our fleet and equipment are maintained to the highest standards concerning safety and job efficiency.   Contact us 24/7, (603)668-5844 to rent a crane or to discuss your crane and equipment rental needs.   As a crane rental company, our experience is extensive, dating back over 40 years.

Liebherr LTM1220-5.2 All-Terrain Mobile Crane

American Crane Inc. 265 Ton Crane


The newest addition to the American Crane fleet is a Liebherr LTM1220-5.2.  Engineered for maximum lifting performance this crane gets the job done.  With a telescoping boom extension and a long swing-away jib system, it sets benchmarks for hook height and radius.

Max. lifting capacity = 265 tons

Telescopic boom = 197 feet

Max. tip height = 330 feet

Swing away jib = 70 feet

Total available jib section = 118 feet

Grove GMK5120B All Terrain Hydraulic Crane

The Grove GMK5120B all-terrain crane delivers powerful lifting performance, superior off-road mobility and fast highway speeds.  

Max. lifting capacity = 120 tons

Main boom = 167 feet

Max. tip height = 225 feet

Jib = 59′ swing-away jib

Grove TMS9000E

The Grove TMS9000E ‘s powerful superstructure on a powerful chassis makes this 110 ton truck crane unbeatable on the road and on the jobsite.

Max. lifting capacity = 110 tons

Main boom = 36-142 feet

Max. tip height = 197 feet

Jib = 55′ swing-away jib

National Crane Series 1800

The National Crane Series 1800 is a 40 ton machine with a long boom that allows the operator to perform more lifts without the use of a jib, reducing setup time and improving efficiency.

Max. lifting capacity = 40 tons

Main boom = 127 feet

Max. tip height = 127 feet

Accessory = 3rd Party Man Basket

OSHA Certified Man Basket

OSHA Certified Man Basket


Our OSHA Certified and 3rd Party Inspected Man Basket meets all regulations including, but not limited to, being designed by a certified engineer and being able to support their own weight as well as five times the weight of the maximum intended load.